Effective September 26, 2015 the Department of State is lowering the passport book application fee by $20 and raising the passport book security surcharge (enhanced border security fee) by $20 to more accurately reflect the cost of each aspect of the passport book service. The amount paid by the customer for a passport book will not change.

In addition, effective November 9, 2015, the Department of State will adjust the processing fee for a Certificate of Loss of Nationality to all U.S. nationals seeking to document relinquishment of nationality. All such U.S. nationals will pay a $2,350 processing fee.

The proposed fee changes have been published in the Federal Register. To view the interim final rule, visit www.regulations.gov and search for RIN 1400-AD71. Comments will be accepted until November 9, 2015. At that time, the Department will consider the public comments, and the published final rule will include the Department’s response to relevant comments received. To email a comment click here, be sure to include the RIN (1400-AD71) in the subject line of your message.