Travel Information Update – July 14, 2020

 Travel Information Update 

U.S. Embassy Reykjavik 


July 14, 2020 


Announcing Additions to the National Interest Exceptions:  Travel in the national interest of the United States includes travel on a temporary basis that provides a substantial benefit to the U.S. economy including certain categories of students, academics,  as well as certain business travelersinvestorstreaty traders.  

STUDENTS – F1, M1 and their dependents 

  • Must have a valid I-20 
  • College or university must offer in-person classes 
  • Colleges or universities that move to online only classes are not included 
  • SEVIS fee paid 
  • Students will need to self-quarantine subject to local requirements 
  • If you currently have a valid F1/F2 visa and a valid I-20, you may travel to the U.S. and apply for admission.  You do not need to reapply. 

ACADEMICS – J1 and their dependents 

  • Must have a valid DS-2019 
  • Includes the following categories: 
  • Professors 
  • Research scholars 
  • Short term scholars 
  • Specialists

Does NOT include: 

  • Au Pairs 
  • Summer camp counselors 
  • Interns 
  • Trainees 
  • Teachers 
  • Summer work travel programs 


  • Complete the online application – DS-160 
  • Appointments are available through the online scheduling service:   
  • Pay the MRV fee in cash only of $160 USD as well as the reciprocity fee of $163 USD or the equivalent in ISK. 
  • If you have a valid F1/F2/M1/M2 visa and I-20, you do not need to reapply. 

BUSINESS TRAVELERS (B1/B2) and their dependents 

  • Temporary travel to the U.S. includes: 
  • Technical experts and specialists 
  • Senior-level managers and executives 
  • Professional Athletes and essential staff who enter to participate in major sporting events 

Contact for more information or to request an appointment. 

  • The U.S. travel ban barring entry to all foreign citizens from EU/Schengen countries remains in effect for all other categories of travelers. 
  • Email for more information. 

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