Natural Disaster Alert – U.S. Embassy Reykjavik, Iceland

Location: Iceland; active seismic activity and signs of potential volcanic eruption in Reykjanes peninsula, southwest Iceland

Event:  The Icelandic Civil Protection authorities had raised the risk level for Reykjanes and the greater Reykjavik capital area to “alert phase” due to the ongoing seismic activity.  Now there are signs of a possible volcanic eruption in the area.  Rescue teams on the Reykjanes peninsula have been put on a state of emergency.

A M5.7 earthquake occurred on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula last Wednesday and thousands of earthquakes have followed since.  The quakes have been felt across much of the country.  Officials from the Icelandic Meteorological Office says residents should be prepared for the possibility of still larger earthquakes and potential eruption south of Keilir.

Actions to Take: 


  • S. Embassy Reykjavik, Iceland


+354-595-2248 (after hours)