Geologic Activity Alert: U.S. Embassy Reykjavik, Iceland November 6, 2023

Location:  Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest Iceland

Event:  Earthquakes and indications of volcanic activity have increased in the Reykjanes Peninsula southwest of Reykjavik since late October.  Icelandic authorities continue to monitor earthquake frequency and location as well as the potential for a near-term volcanic eruption.  One area of specific observation is northwest of Mt. Thorbjörn near the Svartsengi power plant and the Blue Lagoon.  The power plant supplies electricity and hot water in the Reykjanes area, including Keflavik International Airport.  Flight operations at Keflavik International Airport have not been affected.

If an eruption occurs, follow the instructions of Icelandic authorities.  Volcanic hazards may include lava, toxic gases, and heavy smoke from fires ignited by lava.  Do not walk on new lava – it may be only a thin crust with molten lava just beneath the surface.  Commercially available face masks (e.g., dust masks, N95, or surgical/medical) offer no protection against volcanic gases that may accumulate in low lying areas.

Actions to Take:


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